Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sarah Kirkland SniderSongNausicaa Lyrics

Sarah Kirkland Snider Song Lyrics to Nausicaa
Don’t be afraid, Stranger
I’m not afraid,I’m not afraid of you.                                   
                                    You look so lost, Stranger       
But you’re not lost,
‘Cause I’ve just found you.

Just take my hand, Stranger
Just take my hand
And I will lead you home.                                
                            Sarah Kirkland Snide

Sarah Kirkland SniderSongOpen Hands Lyrics

Sarah Kirkland SniderLyricSongLyrics to Open Hands
Here’s an ugly little something,Broken bit of who knows what
Here’s a bloody little secret                                   
                                    What I did and what I thoughtHere is what I lost forever       
Open hands, a certain laugh
Here is what I thought I wanted
Some lost smile in a photograph.                                
                            Sarah Kirkland Snide

Sarah Kirkland Snider SongThe Honeyed Fruit Lyrics

Sarah Kirkland SniderLyricSongLyrics to The Honeyed Fruit
The honeyed fruit they offered dripped forgetfulness. Those who tasted it fell where they were, dreaming, their faces smeared smiling with the sweetness of the end of any desire for home. I drove them, weeping, to their rowing benches and tied them in, but still they moaned, straining to look back over their shoulders at the disappearing shore, like children carried off from their calling mothers.                                       
                            Sarah Kirkland Snide